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U.S. Supreme Court Quiz

How many Jusices are on the Supreme Court?

As of March 12, 2012 (when this quiz was created), how many women sit on the Supreme Court?

What was the essence of the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision?
It upheld the rights of minors in court proceedings.
It struck down restrictive state abortion laws as unconstitutional.
It established the necessity for police to inform people who are arrested of their rights.
It established the right of every defendent to be represented by an attorney.
It upheld the Federal government's right to levy an incomd tax.

What was the result of the 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education decison?
It struck down segration in schools.
It upheld a principal's right to control the content of a student publication.
It declared school prayer to be unconstitutional.
It established limits on free speech in schools when such speech was deemed inflamatory.
It upheld state law requiring all minors to stay in school until they graduate or reach the age of 18.

The Dred Scott decision
imposed the first penalties for environmental damage.
was the first case to allow for punitive damages.
broke up railroad monopolies.
challenged the President's authority to
denied a slave his freedom based on his having been in a free state.

What was important about the 1803 Marbury vs. Madison decision?
It set the precedent for stare decisis.
It was the first time the Court declared a law unconstitional.
It established the Court's juridiction in matters of Congressional conduct.
It linked U.S. procedural law with English common law.
It established the "Clear and Present Danger" rationale for limiting free speech.

What did the Supreme Court do in 2000?
Legalized the possesion of marijuanafor personal use
Invalidated habeus corpus in military trials
Stopped the voting recount, establishing George W. Bush as U.S. President
Upheld a fine of $5.5 billion on Exxon Mobile for the Exxon Valdez environmental disaster
Found Missouri's capital punishment law to be unconstitutional on the grounds of cruel and unusual punishment

When the Court relies on stare decisis it
relies on precedent.
requires expert testimony from unbiased sources.
asks for the opinion of the Congress.
settles for a plurality, rather than a majority vote.
assumes the authority to declare a law unconstitutional.

Supreme Court Justices are
appointed by the President and approved by the Senate.
appointed by the President and approcvied by the House of Representatives.
appointed by the President and approved by both houses of Congress
nominated by the other members of the Supreme Court and approved by Congress.
appointed by the Senate and approved by the House of Representatives.

Which person was nominated but did not serve on the Supreme Court?
John Bolton
John Paul Stevens
Robert Bork
Clarence Thomas
Robert McNamara