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Population Quiz

In 2006, the population of the U.S. surpassed
100 million
200 million
300 million
400 million
500 million

If there are 7 billion people on the Earth and the average couple throughout the planet has three children, how many people will there be on Earth 200 years from now, assuming a 20-year generation time? (No calculator allowed.)
16 billion
67 billion
134 billion
549 billion
23,276 billion

If all the land on Earth (including deserts, mountaintops, frozen Arctic trundra and Antarctica) were distributed evenly among the number of people from the previous question, how much would each person get?
43,560 sq.ft. (=1 acre)
15,000 sq.ft.
785 sq.ft
187 sq.ft.
69 sq.ft.

Singapore is one of the most densely populated countries on Earth. If we were to squeeze the population of the U.S. to the same density as Singapore, they would all fit into the state(s) of
Connecticut (5,544 sq.mi.)
Southern New England (Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island = 17,644 sq.mi.)
Colorado (104,093 sq.mi.)
Texas (268,580 sq.mi.)
Georgia (59,425 sq.mi.)

What percent of the U.S. population is white?

The most populous state in the U.S. is
New York

The Population Bomb was
a 1968 book about the threat of overpopulation.
a phenomenon that took place in the Roman Empire.
a bomb planted by a terrorist group in the highly populated city of Tokyo, Japan.
a concept spread durning the presidential election of 1988.
a 007 movie.

In population science, carrying capacity refers to
the number of babies a mother can carry to term during her life.
the number of organisms an ecosystem can sustain continuously.
the number of projected offspring in the next generation under ideal conditions.
the maximum number of babies an organism can have in one litter under normal conditions.
the amount of material an organism can carry to its nest at one time.

The land area of Europe, 3.93 million square miles, is only 3.7% larger larger than the United States square miles of 3.79 million. How does the population of the U.S. compare to that of Europe?
Approximately the same.
Eurpoe has 36% more.
Europe has 96% more.
Europe has 136% more.
Europe has 236% more.

It took 123 years for the world's population to double from 1 billion to 2 billion. How long did it take to double from 3 billion to 6 billion?
123 yeas
243 years
86 years
39 years
10 years