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If you have ever played the "dictionary game" that people sometimes play at parties, you might enjoy this one. In creating the anagrams game I encountered a lot of words that I had never seen before. (There are a lot of words in the English language! I probably didn't recognize 1 out of 5 of the words that I got in a list of 200,000+ English words I downloaded from the internet.) Here are some of those words that I thought were kind of nice-sounding or otherwise interesting. I am guessing that you won't recognize them either. Try your luck at guessing the definitions of these words. For each one, can you pick the correct definition from the other three false definitions that I made up? I tried to make my definitions sound "dictionaryish" (well, most of them), so let's see if I can fool you.

Word: Anomalure

1. A person who seeks out unusual or unique experiences; adventurist

2. A rodent of the family Anomaluridae, found in central Africa; the scaly-tailed squirrel

3. A therapy technique in which the participant is asked to imagine and attempt to rationalize seemingly incoherant situations or ideas

4. Unusual attraction to rotting rodent carcases