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(Tune: How Can I Be Lonely?)

One is walking with me over life's uneven way,
Constantly harassing me each moment of the day,
But I know he's lonely, so I put up with the whines
Of Jesus, the lord divine.

Days may bring their burdens and their trials as I go.
Jesus and his pestering just makes them bigger grow.
I know he doesn't meant it, so this is what I do --
Give to him a bone to chew.

In the hour of sad bereavement or of bitter loss
Jesus doesn't understand -- tries my anger to cross,
But since he is lonely I will give to him a break
And bake him a nice chocolate cake.

Jesus is so lonely, I'll buy him a pony
So he'll have a pet and something fun to ride.
Lately he's so weary, looks at me so dreary,
I'll take him to the water slide.

© Copyright 2017, Ward Ricker