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Susie Storyteller #2

Susie Storyteller was at it again. Giving a tour to some of her friends who were visiting town, they stopped in front of a memorial statue of a soldier carrying a rifle. Giving it her personal spin, she explained, "My grandfather Horace Storyteller was killed fighting in World War I. Shortly after the war was over my grandmother spearheaded the effort to erect this statue in honor of him and the others from our area who had died during that terrible war."

Her guests looked at the statue. The figure itself appeared to be about 12 feet tall, made of bronze or some similar metal, and was erected on a concrete pedestal about 3 feet high. It showed a male figure in uniform, carrying a rifle, with one leg lifted as if marching ahead. On the surface of the concrete pedestal was a metal plaque with the simple inscription, "In honor of all our brave soldiers who gave their lives fighting for freedom during World War I".

Emery Eversharp held back a few steps with one of the other guests until Susie was out of earshot. "That Susie gives quite a tour, and quite a story. Too bad she can't stick with telling the truth."

How did Emery know that Susie was lying?

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