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SG Atlantis #2

If you are not familiar with the science fiction series Stargate Atlantis, it involves a group of people from earth who have managed to travel to another galaxy, the Pegasus Galaxy, by means of a "Stargate". There they encounter a race of life-sucking aliens referred to as the Wraith who just love to "feed" on human beings by sucking the life out of them, leaving a shriveled corpse behind.

The following question doesn't require any specific knowledge, but does require a general awareness of the reality how things are in space.

In one episode of SG Atlantis, "Intruder", our heroes are onboard a newly designed spaceship that is capable of travelling between galaxies. At the beginning of the show two of our people are seen aboard the spaceship complaining that it takes 18 days to travel the distance to Atlantis in the Pegasus Galaxy, instead of 3 or 4 days as it previously took, because they no longer have a "Zero Point Module" to power the spaceship.

During the trip they discover that the ship's computers have a virus, and it is suggested that they stop and remove the virus before completing their trip. The captain of the ship says that they have less than two days to reach Atlantis and he would prefer not to stop and drop out of "hyperspace", and thereby risk being detected by the Wraith, because they are now in the edge of the Pegasus Galaxy, where the Wraith inhabit.

However, the scientists on board convince him to do so. In attempting to remove the virus, they discover that it is an intelligent virus that is able to observe them, predict their responses, and take steps to protect itself from being destroyed, including killing people who get close to discovering its secrets. The virus directs the spaceship toward a nearby sun to destroy everyone. It takes several attempts to get the virus out of the computers, but they finally do so and regain control of the spaceship (just in the "nick of time" to avoid all being killed, of course).

What is wrong the above scenario?

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