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Keeping Up With Santa Clause

If the world has 6 billion people.
and if the average household has six people so that there are one billion households in the world,
and if two-thirds of those households have children,
and if two-thirds of the households that do have children have at least one child who has been nice,
and if we were to take all the households that have at least one child who has been nice and were to line them up all on one side of one very long street, 8 houses per block and 12 blocks per mile,
and if I were to get in my freshly tuned up, supercharged spunky clunker with my miraculous new invention that allows me to carry limitless amounts of fuel with negligible weight and volume, and put the pedal right to the floor and drive 100 mph without stopping for food, gas, bathrooms, sleep or any other reason,
how long would it take me to drive past all these houses, without stopping to go down any chimneys, trying to keep up with Santa's sleigh?

(Hint: I would fail.)

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