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Okay, so I can be a little absent-minded! I created a game, which I was planning on taking to a gathering of people to try out. The main part of the game, a collection of cards, was in a cupboard upstairs in the house, so I went upstairs to get it. As I was headed up, I remembered that I also needed a die in order to play the game, so I headed to a different cupboard first to find a die in one of the other games in the closet.

I went through two or three games and finally found one that had a die inside the box. I took it out and replaced the cover of the box. When I went to put the box back in the cupboard a small plastic token, a part of the game, fell on the floor. I picked up the token, pulled the game back out of the closet, removed the cover, put the token back inside, replaced the cover and put the box back in the closet. As I walked away I realized that that was not the only token in the game -- the remainder of the tokens were in a small plastic bag which was still in my hand!

I went back to the closet, opened the box up again, and, not seeing a specific place for the tokens, I simply placed them on top of everything else and replaced the cover. Putting the box back in the closet and walking away once again, I remembered there was indeed a compartment that the tokens belonged in, and decided to go back and put them in the right place. I returned to closet, opened the box one more time, and moved the tokens into the compartment where they belonged (which had been obscured by some cards that had moved over it -- so it wasn't my fault!). Having finally gotten everything in its place, I put the box away in the closet again, and one more time walked away, only to discover that the board for the game was still in my hand! So, once again, I walked back to the closet, removed the box, opened it, and in a fit of pure clarity, placed the die inside the box and walked away with the board still in my hand!

Well, by this time I decided it was time to come out of the fog, so I cleared away the cobwebs around my brain, retrieved the game, removed the die, put the board back where it belonged, replaced the box in the cupboard, with the die finally in my hand and everything else now where it should be inside the box -- a job finally accomplished. I went back downstairs satisfied that I had managed to navigate through the complicated process of removing a game piece from a box, and realized that I had forgotten the game cards that I had originally gone up for!