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Before I had the means to purchase my own house, I moved into Horace's place (once again - name changed to protect the guilty), where he had lived for 10 years, and where I had space to have my own office. I then printed up business cards with my new address on them. After I had handed out many of them, including sending over 100 of them to the primary businesses with whom I hoped to do business, I was talking to a potential client on the phone one day. As I was giving her my address and was about to explain how to get to my office, she indicated that that was not the address that was on the card that she was holding. I promptly pull out one of my business cards and looked at it. Sure enough, the address was wrong!

I was explaining this to a friend of mine a little later on. She responded, "You'll have to have someone proofread all the stuff you write up."

I explained, "But I did. I had Horace review it for me!"