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I walked into a local convenience store which happens to sell ice cream cones. They have three sizes: a "junior" size for 50 cents, a small cone for 95 cents, and a large cone for some price higher than that. I said to the lady behind the counter, "I would like one of your junior-size Espresso Explosion ice cream cones."

She asked me, "Would you like a cup or a cone?

Wanting my cone to be a cone, I simply responded, "A cone."

She obtained a cone and then asked me, "Which flavor would you like?"

"Espresso Explosion."

After scooping out the ice cream and handing it to me, she declared, "That will be 95 cents"!


The next time I went into the store, I asked for the same thing. This time the woman behind the counter didn't pester me with silly questions. She just scooped out my ice cream and handed it to me in a dish.