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I was looking for work and was having some difficulty trying to contact one potential employer that I found out about through the employment department. I called the employment department for help. Getting their message phone, I left a message indicating which job it was that I was inquiring about and telling them that I had called the company three times already but had not gotten through. I explained that it was now around 1:00 our time in Oregon, which would be around 4:00 their time, because the company was in the eastern time zone, and that their message indicated they were open until 5:00. I also told them that I was at the company's website and had found an application online, but that I was interested in speaking with them before filling out the application to determine if I was truly interested in the position.

A person called me back and left a message on my voicemail with two pieces of information: The company is in the eastern time zone, and they have a website.