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A girl that used to live in my house and is now my neighbor sometimes calls to ask for favors, as I have encouraged her to do. So one day she called me and asked if I can give her a ride to the store so that she could return her bottles and cans. Happy to oblige, I told her that I would probably be there in about half an hour to give her a ride. I finished up when I was doing, grabbed a bite to eat, and got ready to go. As is not surprising for me, though, it was well over a half-hour by the time that I was ready to leave, so before I got out the door I received a telephone call from her impatiently wanting to know where I was. I told her that I was just about to leave the house at that moment and would be there in just a couple of minutes and drove around the block to where she lives.

She still did not have her bottles ready to go.