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Abortion Quiz

On average, about how many abortions are performed daily in the United States?

Abortion became effectively legal nationwide in 1973 by
a vote by the 535 members of Congress
a decision made by the population in general in a national referendum
a decision by the nine judges on the U.S. Supreme Court
a declaration by the President of the United States
a vote by all the delegates at a Constitutional convention

According to the decision/vote/declaration in the previous question, states may
allow late-term/post-viability abortions only upon the approval of two doctors.
allow late-term/post-viability abortions only if the mother's physical health is in danger.
allow late-term/post-viability abortions without restriction, but if they do restrict them, must make exception if the mother's physical or mental health is in danger.
allow late-term/post-viability abortions without restriction, but if they do restrict them, must make exception only if the mother's life is in danger.
never allow late-term/post-viability abortions.

Doctors and biologists use the term "embryo" to refer to the developing human organism during the first 8 weeks of pregancy, and the word "fetus" to refer to it thereafter. How many abortions are performed in the U.S. after the developing organism has reached the fetus stage?
2 abortions per day
31 abortions per day
109 abortions per day
465 abortions per day
1,222 abortions per day

The largest performer of abortions in the United States is
the U.S. government
Planned Parenthood
the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL)
the state of New York
clinics in the Southern California Reproductive Care Alliance

The trimester basis for abortions
is still in effect
was superceded by the "undue burden" principle due to a 1992 Supreme Court decision
was never implemented
was changed by passage of a bill in the Congress in 1998
was upheld by the U.S Supreme Court in 2001

"The Dreaded Complication" refers to
an attempted abortion produces a live-born baby
the extremely high number of abortion performed in 1997
women dying from abortions
an abortion is unsuccessful and the pregnancy continues
the women comes down with rubella as a result of an abortion

The 14th Ammendment to the Constitution
was used as a basis for legalizing abortion
is used by abortion opponents to argue against abortion
both of the above
has never been cited in the context of abortion
is the only place in the Constitution that specifically mentions abortion

As the law is practiced, abortions are currently illegal in how many states of the U.S.?

An abortion
always terminates a pregnancy
results (when successful) in the death of the developing organism
is never fatal to the woman
is always performed by a doctor
requires follow-up medical appointments