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Hi, and Welcome to my web site! My name is Ward Ricker, and this is my personal web site. I intend to put a lot of my personal stuff here that people might find interesting. Who knows, I might even be able to fool you into thinking that I am creative! (Nahh! Never happen!) At the present time I have some songs that I have written, some brain teasers that I have made up, some games you can play, and some humorous anecdotes from my life that I hope you will find entertaining. I also have some links to some other sites that I think you might find useful or interesting.

My big project: Will you help me with my
Holy Book?
I can use all the help with this project that I can get!

Is there an International Human Rights Day Celebration in your city?

I have written a number of songs over the years that I am hoping others will enjoy. Some are written to others' tunes, and some are to music that I have written.
Come see the songs I have written!

I have made up a bunch of brain teasers that you might enjoy taxing your head on. I think they are pretty good. Let me know what you think!
Check out the brain teasers!

I have also prepared some "quick quizzes" on some topics of interest in the world today. See how you do with them!

How about some fun games?

Sometimes truth is more interesting than fiction! All of these short anecdotes are true incidents that I have found funny enough to record. I bet these are funnier than most of the made-up jokes that you have heard.
Check out my stories!

On the other hand perhaps you would like to read about my ideas of how the world should be.

If that's not serious enough for you, I have a Five-Point Plan to Save Democracy.

Alright. If you got all the way through to here, you just might have some thoughts you want to share about what you have found at my site. If so you might want to send me an email at ward@wardricker.com

Thanks for visiting. Hope you'll come back again soon.

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